santiago carroquino | architects is an ambitious team of architects located in Zaragoza.

Santiago Carroquino Larraz coordinates a team of collaborators, working together with specialists and clients. We design from dedication and conscience, with the primary responsibility of making landscapes into a better place thanks to the buildings.

We are driven by the diversity and complexity of each new project. The challenge of our work is to find smart, responsible and customized solutions. Building excellence and precision are the basis of our sustainable maxim.

Our goal is to develop architecture which derives from common sense. We assume the work of the architect from responsibility and civic commitment.

We believe that the value of the project is largely supported by the embracement of coherence from which it arises and which is pursued by the plan, as an act of service to the group and as an architectural work.

To achieve this goal we have formed a team committed to the continuous and constant communication. Communication and close cooperation with the developer, the specialists, the worker guilds, the administrations and the prospective users.

We set this aim for ourselves from a common background, the interdisciplinary knowledge and the acquired experience.