School Park Oliver
Zaragoza, 2008

Project Author: Santiago Carroquino
Sponsor: Zaragoza Housing Municipal Society
Floor area: 1.068,22 m²
Contract budget: 1.136.432,59 €

The urbanization and landscaping project of this one hectare green area is proposed as an oxygenating area of the whole project. The Oliver nursery school will be placed in its vertex as well as a small area for the elderly.

The park’s intervention will exploit the geography of the doline in order to give the stands a gentle and natural gradient. It will allow the creation of an outdoor multi-purpose area suitable for small outdoor performances, with the nursery school as backdrop.

The original idea of the project is to invest the potential of the green site, which is now a dump, converting it into an interesting location and a place for the communication between the different generational strata of the neighbourhood.

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