Trasmoz Local Sports Center
Trasmoz, 2003

Project Authors: Santiago Carroquino, Ignacio Gonzalez Olalla
Sponsor: Town Hall of Trasmoz
Floor area: 826,98 m²
Contract budget: 439.551,36 €

The aim was to solve two fundamental premises of the assignment: firstly the scale of the project with regard to the environment, topography, access and connection to the existing buildings; on the other hand, the construction of this work for a small town of less than 100 inhabitants.

Two distinct elements are defined: emptying and retrospective burial, for each one a different technique has been chosen adapted to its circumstances.

The design of the metal structure solves, with a single formal and constructive element, different duties like the retrospective burial and the stands, deducing the appearance of associations.

The expressiveness of steel is exploited and its various forms: structural in beams, membranes, perforated lattices..., innovating in the constructive system of retrospective burial when using large bordered sheets that can speed up the work constituting a completion in itself.

Materials that threaten the environment will not be used, instead those that are standardized and available on the market will be. Less welded joints will be used on the building work, maintaining quality and assembly speed.

Architectural barriers are removed, allowing access to any part of the facilities.

The creation without formal or constructive prejudices, allowed an investigation into the system of building with steel.
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