Novillas Single Family House
Novillas, 2004

Project Authors: Santiago Carroquino, Ignacio González
Developer: Miguel Miñes, Raquel Ariza
Floor area: 213,04 m2
Contract budget: 141.227,91 €
Photographer: Jacinto Esteban

We started from an idea: we must be honest. Honest to the materials, honest to the customer and his/her needs, honest to the regulations and its logic, honest to the site and honest to the architectural response.

The combination of program and location gave us the positioning in the plot, which using its southern orientation, gives it all the landscape and light benefits of this situation.

Unexpectedly and to local surprise, a single symbolic hole on the first floor offers itself to the street facing north. Not so, we thought that the drawing of the house on the perimeter achieves an indoor garden without losing the connection with the outside.

We believe that the simplicity in the forms and the categorical volumes inserted into the rural weave is a refreshing insight into the residential landscape of Aragon, calming the hustle and bustle that seems to shake our environment.

Inside the house, the materialization of light with a set of transparencies and sieves gives a lot of luminous moments throughout the day. Likewise, the purification of the interior lines in woodwork and solid cloths gives an absence of shrillness.

The program is solved in a straightforward manner; a house, a garden and a professional office that are recognized and articulated by themselves inside the set, generating situations and fields. We executed an exercise in architectural calligraphy; spaces, rooms, access, office, kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms and traffic areas.

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