Actur Nursery School
Zaragoza, 2007

Project Author: Santiago Carroquino
Collaborator: Marta González Olalla
Management: Emilio Rivas
Sponsor: Town hall of Zaragoza
Built area: 1.060 m2 (other urban area: 2.543 m2)
Contract budget: 2.140.000 €
Photographer: Ana mostajo

The project is conceived in plan and section as a large concrete enclosure, which inside is home to four wooden boxes, by means of which the program of classrooms, dormitories and multi-purpose room, is created.

The box that houses the multi-purpose room protrudes in plan from the concrete enclosure, as its distinctive longitudinal section and extending itself as a protective arm of the playground.

The classrooms, facing east, are protected from sun exposure by the surrounding concrete, which acts as a porch. In section, the wooden boxes open into the common courtyard, facing east-classrooms area, with a wooden and glass curtain wall facade, closing to the west.

With the exterior finishes, environmental criteria have been followed. The ventilated facade is made with a panelled finish made of pine, reused from the shuttering.

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