Oliver Nursery School
Zaragoza, 2008

Project Authors: Santiago Carroquino, Hans Finner
Work Management: Santiago Carroquino, Hans Finner
Sponsor: Town hall of Zaragoza
Floor area: 1.184,04 m2 (other urban area: 1.667,96 m2)
Contract budget: 2.112.685,28 €
Photographer: Roland Halbe y Jesús Granada

Located on the street Antonio Leyva and annexed to a doline, the school is presented to its immediate environment as an environmentally sound developer.

The scale of the housing blocks next to it, with a height of eight floors, makes the equipment, developed only on the ground floor, part of the urban furniture; and is itself the continuation of the green area in which the doline could turn into.

In the same way it has been considered a building that generates environmental comfort should not neglect the criteria of environmental excellence. Thus, besides the roof garden other mechanisms of bioclimatic architecture have been used: ventilated facade, solar accumulators on the roof, woodwork with thermal bridge failure, control of sun exposure, etc...

The whole project has been modulated in decimal multiples and submultiples of 120 cm as the standard for prefabricated panel. The woodwork, facade materials, interior finishes and even the furniture are functions of this modulation. The rule is asserted by the standard dimensions of the 120 x 60 cm cradles and for all the other materials, leading to an optimal use of these materials generating minimal waste, lower costs and a controlling factor at work.

Moreover, the 120 dimension applied to the heights in all rooms defines the boundary between the space adapted to the child and the adult. This mechanism of existence of a permanent 1.20 m line of "level" will be crucial in the life of the building by setting the position "not accessible to children".

The educational program faces the future park resolving itself into four modules: multi-purpose room, infants (4-12 months), 12-24 months students and 24-36 months students, using their respective playgrounds. The module for infants is supplemented with a covered patio. As a link between all of them, and acting as a barrier over the apartment blocks are located the battery of adjacent areas, offices and facilities that allow the proper functioning of the school.

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