Santa Isabel Nursery School
Zaragoza, 2008

Project Author: Santiago Carroquino
Work Management: Santiago Carroquino, Hans Finner
Sponsor: Town hall of Zaragoza
Floor area: 1.474,21m2 (other urban area: 3.108,28 m2)
Contract budget: 2.094.541,30 €
Photographer: Lluis Casals

The project was conceived in plan and section as two large boxes made of concrete and glass, inside which are hosted on one hand the educational program (classrooms, dormitories and multi-purpose room), and on the other hand services (teachers' room, dining hall, kitchen and facilities).

These boxes are closed to the north protecting them from the inclemency of the weather and the street, opening through a U-GLAS foil, placed in double plaited comb, which is located south, where the playground is.

The main entrance of the building is through the west wing, (Iglesia Street), by gliding and union of the two volumes, educative and services.

The perimeter of shelter is designed as an element of thermal inertia made of a double layer concrete wall 15+5+15 with an interior thermal insulation. The outer foil is made by shuttering boards marking a vertical cutting in the closing of the boxes as an alternative to the southern facade.

The consideration of the material up to 1.20 m as skirting board, clearly reflects the standards of cleanliness and easy maintenance, fixing the "not accessible to children."

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