Actur’s Library and Coexistence Center
Zaragoza, 2009

Project Author: Santiago Carroquino
Work Management: Santiago Carroquino, Hans Finner
Sponsor: Town hall of Zaragoza
Floor area: 3.018,85 m2
Contract budget: 4.175.022,48 €
Photographer: Jesús Granada

The Coexistence Center and the Library are divided into three floors and a basement, organized with a central courtyard scheme that connects the four floors providing natural light and relating the different users.

The idea of the project is determined by the building’s own program and the interaction or non- interaction of uses generating quality spaces that are determined by the mixture of the areas greatest in volume.

The main access is through a porch located at the North angular corner of the Street Pedro Lain Entralgo with Gómez de Avellaneda’s Avenue, the point where there is maximum openness to the plot. The lobby is proposed as a large space inside the building connecting the two side streets, causing an extension of the public space from the street into the building. Rooms for elderly people have been located close to street level in order to facilitate easy access. The assembly hall is located close to it and next to the multipurpose room as a space for growth.

The library is located to the North, ensuring proper lighting and partially occupying the first and second floors giving twice the height. The busiest bibliophile areas are located in this space occupying the study hall of the West Wing as the quietest location.
Toilet areas have been put on the building’s vertical in order to economize and facilitate the development of facilities.

Another feature of the project is the possibility of opening selected areas to the public without interfering with the inside transit. Thus, it enables the use of the building with the closure of the temporarily out of order dependencies.

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