La Paz Nursery School
Zaragoza, 2007

Project Author: Santiago Carroquino
Collaborator: Julia Braukmann
Management: Emilio Rivas
Sponsor: Town hall of Zaragoza
Floor area: 1.263,99 m2 (other urban area: 2.871,24 m2)
Contract budget: 2.234.180,78 €
Photographer: Ana Mostajo

The project comes up from the suggestive topography of the site, the existing 4.5 meters to 6 meters unevenness, according to the perimeter, from the line of the street to the solar.

It starts, therefore, from an important topographic premise, which forces us to consider the building with two floors.

The 39 x 15 m superior rectangular volume houses the classrooms, dormitories and administration, wrapping up the main entrance to the building.

The 43.5 x 10 m lower volume is situated perpendicularly to the upper one, housing facilities, toilets, dining rooms and multipurpose room.

The rest of the non built-up plot is considered as a garden which is accessed directly from the lower volume or by ramps from the upper level.

The classroom area is east oriented, with a curtain wall facade protected by a porch and generating views out onto the garden and the Canal Imperial de Aragón.

The bedroom area is located west with smaller windows.

The interior vertical communications are close to both the upper and the lower level access.

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